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Custom Picture Framing is an art form at Chelsea Frames. Our skilled designers can help you create a unique design for your favorite artwork. We offer museum quality materials and an impressive selection of frames so you can find the perfect style.

"...a leading force in encouraging and supporting the art movement to Chelsea..."

-Art Business News-

“…the mother lode for custom framing solutions…”

-New York Magazine-



Real People and their projects are featured on our social media (Instagram and Facebook – with their permission of course) as well as on our website. This allows you to view various projects and methods of framing. Photos and commentary bring these projects to life, often with heart warming or whimsical stories.


No time for framing?

We can come to you.


Within a matter of seconds, visitors to your offices form an opinion about your company. What is the major influence on that decision?


Chelsea Frames understands that there exists a Circle of Life. A circle that is built on kindness and appreciation and giving.

Chelsea Frames understands that life is hectic and scheduling a visit to our studio can be daunting. In some cases, it is also beneficial for us to understand and see the final resting place of framed artwork. We can help bridge that gap.

You can either schedule an appointment with us to find framing solutions and even art for your home after which we can provide mock-ups of framing options for your approval. Otherwise –  simply send us full resolution photos of the artwork and the wall you expect to hang it on and we can do the rest.

We can also take care of pick-up and delivery of your art and even schedule installation of the finished pieces through our various partners.

Need Art for your business? C2, the corporate element of Chelsea Frames, is a full-service provider of art & framing for New York businesses. Corporate art services like delivery, installation, and on-site consultations save your company time and money.

Within a matter of seconds, visitors to your offices form an opinion about your company. What is the major influence on that decision? The image your decor conveys.

Are you projecting the right image to visitors or your team? We can help you send the correct message.


We save you time and effort by visiting your business to learn about your needs, office decor, and corporate style.


Let us do the running. If you have art you need framed, we will pick it up. When your framing is done, we will deliver and hang it to ensure a proper and safe display.


Finding the right art for your space can be very difficult. We can help by using the extensive network of art brokers and independent artists we have developed over years in the industry.


Every business operates on a budget. Purchasing art and framing for a business demands options not found in frame shops that cater to residential customers. We offer art and framing choices priced for businesses.

 Through the years we have made it a point of opening our hearts and lending a hand to all of the organizations who have asked for our support. While having certain charities who have earned our focus, we rarely say no to anyone – from our local Police NYC 10th Precinct  and Fire Station Ladder 12 / Battalion 7, the local Public Schools from K through university and college levels to Women’s associations, Youth or inner city youth  associations, LGBTQI Groups, HIV groups and anything ARTS or NYC  related.

A few organizations remain our focus – BAILEY HOUSE (now part of the Housing Works Group) in particular, COALITION for the HOMELESS, and CITYarts as a secondary focus. These organizations continue to offer help and support to thousands of individuals who NEED OUR HELP. By shopping at Chelsea Frames, you help us do our part in giving back.

Jamie Drake, Daniel Beauchemin

Last year, the owner, Daniel Beauchemin, became the recipient of the Rand Harlan Skolnick Social Responsibility Award for donating custom framing over the last 27 years to the Bailey House foundation for their yearly auctions. This could not happen without your support. The honor was not receiving the award. The honor was helping those in need.