Custom Picture Framing is an art form at Chelsea Frames. Our skilled designers can help you create a unique design for your favorite artwork. We offer museum quality materials and an impressive selection of frames so you can find the perfect style.

Imagen Projects is a concept space at Chelsea Frames.

At the lower level of our framing studio we organize pop-up events, readings, shows, etc.

We currently are selling a private collection of original black & white photography.

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"...a leading force in encouraging and supporting the art movement to Chelsea..."

-Art Business News-

“…the mother lode for custom framing solutions…”

-New York Magazine-


Real People and their projects are featured on our social media (Instagram and Facebook – with their permission of course) as well as on our website. This allows you to view various projects and methods of framing. Photos and commentary bring these projects to life, often with heart warming or whimsical stories.


No time for framing?

We can come to you.


Within a matter of seconds, visitors to your offices form an opinion about your company. What is the major influence on that decision?


Chelsea Frames understands that there exists a Circle of Life. A circle that is built on kindness and appreciation and giving.