Through the years we have made it a point of opening our hearts and lending a hand to all of the organizations who have asked for our support. While having certain charities who have earned our focus, we rarely say no to anyone – from our local Police NYC 10th Precinct  and Fire Station Ladder 12 / Battalion 7, the local Public Schools from K through university and college levels to Women’s associations, Youth or inner city youth  associations, LGBTQI Groups, HIV groups and anything ARTS or NYC  related.

A few organizations remain our focus – BAILEY HOUSE (now part of the Housing Works Group) in particular, COALITION for the HOMELESS, and CITYarts as a secondary focus. These organizations continue to offer help and support to thousands of individuals who NEED OUR HELP. By shopping at Chelsea Frames, you help us do our part in giving back.

Jamie Drake, Daniel Beauchemin

Last year, the owner, Daniel Beauchemin, became the recipient of the Rand Harlan Skolnick Social Responsibility Award for donating custom framing over the last 27 years to the Bailey House foundation for their yearly auctions. This could not happen without your support. The honor was not receiving the award. The honor was helping those in need.

Jamie Drake and Daniel Beauchemin