“This piece is part of an ongoing series called “Bubbles are God  “. I decided to donate it to Bailey House, for their upcoming art auction. Bailey House is such a strong foundation for a major community in need. Community is everything.”

“Chelsea Frames is a NYC staple. I have been in the framing industry for 14 years.

Chelsea frames goes above and beyond for their clients while meeting the highest standards for conservation framing and longevity in design.”

“I only trust Chelsea Frames with my framing.

This piece was very dear to me because of its religious theme about a mother and son.

Chelsea Frames is the best in the business.”

“I had this piece framed to preserve the art. It’s a Dali.

Chelsea Frames is the best frame shop in New York.”

Artist – Salvador Dali

“I got this piece a while ago but didn’t have it re-framed until now. I thought the Japanese woman needed nicer digs.

At Chelsea Frames they always surprise me with choices I didn’t even know I could make and the finished product always brings joy.”

“I framed this piece to put over my bed.

Great Job!”

Artist – Jim Thompson

“Looks amazing! The soft texture of the background and gold leafing in the frame make the whole artwork look beautiful!”

“The framing plays into the many layers of “The Tramp.”  There is a quirk, a sophistication and a modesty to it all.

The Chelsea Frames team is so knowledgeable and has exquisite taste.  I trust Daniel with all of my artwork.”

Artist – Susan Hilferty

“I love the combination of the art and frame!

The weathered and mysterious texture of the black frame seems to match the cats’ personality.”

“This piece to me is playful and nostalgic. It takes me back to my childhood and brings life to any room.

My experience at Chelsea Frames has been incredibly fun and informational. I walk away with incredible beautiful frames and a new understanding of art and (complementing) frames.”

Artist – Alessandro Papari

“I Found this note on my trip back home in Korea. This is a reminder of home and hopefully brings fortune to my life in New York.

Very friendly staff at Chelsea Frames but also professional.

High attention to detail = high satisfaction!”

Artist – Bank of Korea (South)

“i love the chic design. It complements the use of black & silver in the print”

“I found this Iranian miniature in Isfahan, it shows a battle between different men. The farsi manuscript text is about a philosophical debate between prophets. Thanks to this beautiful frame it now will have a second life in New York!”

Unknown Iranian Artist (17th or 18th Century) 

“This beautiful work showcases brilliantly in the frame. The gold and red clay underneath complement the work magnificently”

Artist – Charles Winthrop Norton

“This photo is 19th century Morocco. I framed it because a piece like this deserves to be protected and brought to life with exceptional framing.

I have brought countless pieces to Chelsea Frames. The staff is wonderful and really bring the works to another level. Their artistic eye cannot be beat.”

“Chelsea Frames has framed several items for me and they are always professionally  framed but more importantly, the staff take the time and care to assure the frame works with both the piece and the room in which it is meant to hang. Highly recommend!!”

Artist – Patrick Cornee

“The artist of my painting is Yashushi Noguchi, who is I think the 3rd or 4th generation of a gold-leaf artist family in Kyoto (his son is a famous painter in oil).  Framing a work of art not only protects it but also enhances its beauty in this case, the gold leaf of the frame, applied as it usually is in regular foil pieces, reiterates the geometry of the squares in the picture as well as the gold of the bands around the squares. So the frame instructs the eye.  Chelsea Frames  always makes my art look better!”

Artist – Yasushi Noguchi

“I am a decorator and my friend/photographer, Fernando died in 2001 in the tsunami. I wasn’t able to purchase one of his woven photographs before he died but his brother Marcelo continued his weaving photograph art after he died. So I was thrilled to finally be able to own a piece of my own.

As a decorator, I only use Chelsea Frames for my clients and myself. The selection is second to none as is the expertise!”

Artist – Fernando Bengoechea

“Chelsea Frames never disappoints – always exceed on highest expectations.  You would be crazy to do your framing anywhere else!”

“This is a family member’s British Army Cap Badge.

I wanted to have it framed in a respectful and sophisticated way.

They did a wonderful job at Chelsea Frames”

“I love the artist, Mary Abbott, and have always wanted some of her work. I was afraid the frames could wash out the art but the white frames are absolutely perfect. The opportunity arose to purchase these pieces and the framing helps make a cohesive statement while still showcasing each piece.

The designers at Chelsea Frames are true professionals, great and kind people too.”

Artist – Mary Abbott

“I framed this up for my partners birthday.  He loves the tune and the blue L.P. even more.  He always talks about it so I figured he should have it in a beautiful frame.

At Chelsea Frames they take their time and care with each customer, no matter the job size.  A true Chelsea institution!”

“I worked for Halston for ten years. This artwork was a piece of my past.

All the staff at Chelsea Frames was incredibly helpful and their taste is impeccable in terms of scale and style”.

“I found this while I was researching my family history. My grandfather died young and I never met him so it was touching to see how much my grandparents were in love.

They are very talented at Chelsea Frames finding the perfect way to feature each piece.”

“I truly love this piece – it’s fragility and emotion.

I really wanted to protect it.”

“This piece was created for me by one of my students in a leadership program that I teach. It meant a lot to me but I never liked the way it was framed. I wanted something extraordinary to capture the artist and the subject.”

I really don’t want others to know about Chelsea Frames. I would prefer to keep Daniel and his team as my own special secret. If I must say something, there aren’t enough words or emotions to describe the creativity and craftsmanship in their work. Chelsea Frames brings it and delivers the goods every time!”

“I adore the cherry wood frame with this headdress!

The colorful feathers are complimented nicely with the frames’ warmer tones.”

“I knew the staff at Chelsea Frames would have creative ideas to enhance the piece. It turned out great!”

Artist – Enrico Baj

“The golden hue of the frame is so perfect with the color of the photo. The whole piece has a surreal haze to it.”

Client – @katiebirdhuneke 

Artist –  Sam Youkilis

“Our client’s mother was an artist and this is one of her relief works.

Everyone at Chelsea Frames has a great eye and always helps us find the perfect frame.”

Artist –  Renata Schwebel

Client – @finkandplatt

“We are huge Harry Potter fans and love all the artwork by Mina Lima, so when we found the print, we had to get them framed and hung in our bar. We recieved the print as part of a donation gift when we donated to the Lumos Foundation and now we have a reminder of Lumos, Mina Lima, J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Chelsea Frames takes the time to learn about their customers and really gets to know their personality and style. We felt at home and trust Chelsea Frames like family.”

Artist – Mina Lima

“I had this piece framed to enhance its beauty.

They are extremely knowledgeable and professional at Chelsea Frames.”

Artist – Ola Rondiak

“This was one of the first art photos I ever purchased, after cobbling together savings from my editorial assistant job out of college. I couldn’t afford top-notch framing at the time, so had it in a funny, bleached wood frame for years. This new frame is perfect, tight and minimal so tat the one blue eye peering through the bedsheet pops!

You can trust Chelsea Frames’ advice! I love that the team challenges your ideas, bring creative solutions to the table and reads between the lines of what you want.”

Artist – Ahndraya Parlato

“Going to Chelsea Frames is like stepping through the looking glass ….. art finds its best frame every time.”

“It was a gift – on older classic piece – and I wanted to give it the pairing frame that the piece deserved.”

At Chelsea Frames they are very good at custom matching; lots of ideas – so plenty of choice and options to get just precisely what you want.”

Artists – Mutt & Jeff Classic Comic

“I wanted to give this “fun” portrait even more “pop”.

Chelsea Frames never disappoints; each member of it’s staff is creative and can offer outstanding advice.”

Artist –  Jane Kaplowitz

“The frame was chosen because with its slightly rubbed silver-leaf finish, it was both discreet and complimentary to the painting (mirror wall).” 

Artist –  Monique De Roux, French, working in Spain.

“This is a gift from my brother, a watercolor of our hometown (Pittsburgh, PA). For years it wanted to be framed because we thought it deserved special attention and affect that brought a person into the picture… almost as if looking through a keyhole. We love how it came out.

Chelsea Frames  worked with us on our concept of a “keyhole” effect. Their suggestions were very helpful and led us to framing this out in a very artistic and great way.”

“I took my nieces to a pop up called The Color Factory. These cards were part of the exhibit. It was a perfect New York day and these are perfectly New York colors.

They are amazing at Chelsea frames.”

“This was a gift from an artist friend. Chelsea Frames did a beautiful job matching another piece from the same artist.


“The simple design choice of a black frame and pure white mat really puts the focus on the artwork and the ghosts flying into the sky.”

Artist –  Nicolas De Crécy

“I had so much fun creating this portrait for my dear, young friend. It’s one thing to have or create a great piece of artwork but it’s even better when you have a place like Chelsea Frames to make it even better. Thank you for all of your patience and design expertise!


Artist –  Billy Pellegrini

“I wanted to turn a nice simple piece into a stand out.

Chelsea Frames is really a 1 stop shop for everything!”


“The piece was purchased in Shanghai over 30 years ago. We are uncertain of exactly what it says, but we still love it! 

The silk matting serves as a perfect complement to the work. Thank you Alex, and Chelsea Frames, for helping to select a timeless design.”

“I framed this piece to enhance and protect the image.
Very professional and kind staff at Chelsea Frames. Helpful in explaining which frame and why.”

Artist Name – Franky Kong
Title – 1,180 Breaths

“This was a lithograph I picked up on a trip and I wanted to preserve a memory.
The piece became a terrific piece thanks to the frame and work of Chelsea Frames.
Chelsea Frames works really well with you and always overdelivers in every step of the process.”

Artist – Alexander Calder
Title – Visages
Date – 1976

“I framed this to remember my grandfather and honor his service to this country. Chelsea Frames is the best!”

“I have been a client of Chelsea Frames for 20 years and I would never think of leaving my precious artwork in anyone else’s hands for framing.
As a collector, a unique frame is integral to my experience and enjoyment of art in my home.”

Artist – Wilhelm Neusser

“This is a Pablo Roig suite of 17 pieces that is going in a stairwell as an installation. Thanks Chelsea Frames!”

Artist – Pau Pablo Roig

Title – Au Cirque

“I love this piece of art and have had it forever. I wanted a way to preserve it and show it off for years to come.
I take all my pieces to Chelsea Frames, they are the best. I am always pleased with how they frame my artwork. It is obvious they take great care in what they do and I always trust them to handle even my most precious artwork.”

“My father gave me this piece a while ago and for a while I was just hanging onto it. This past summer I took a trip to Central Russia and had a chance to visit the artist who is now a priest. It was such a memorable experience that one of the first things I did when I got back was getting this framed.
I’ve been a loyal customer of Chelsea Frames for many years. Their selection, attention to detail and patience in going through the universe of options, is unrivaled.”

Artist – Sergey Simakov

“This sketch was given to me by Iranian artist Omid Shekari. I’m impressed by his visionary draughtsmanship but also his bravery.
The work at Chelsea Frames is spectacular and showcases your art with style.”

Artist – Omid Shekari 

“I framed this photo because I love the mystic qualities of the settings and the dog made it much more special.
Chelsea Frames has the best selection of variety of frames and framing techniques.”

Artist – Greg Salvatori

“This bear is very special. My boyfriend passed away on July 02, 2019. In 31 years of my life nobody has made me happier! He was funny, loving, incredibly kind, generous, and full of life. Not a day goes by where I do not think about him. I love and miss him very much. For my birthday recently his mother gave me this bear that he made, as a part of my birthday gift to have with me forever. I think he made it in pre-school or kindergarten if I’m not mistaken. In the back of the bear he wrote his initials “CM” and that’s why the mirror is in the back so if someone peaks in, they can see his handwriting.
Chelsea Frames does masterpiece work of art. Thank you.”

“This vintage print is a housewarming gift from a dear friend. It will have a place of honor in our home. This black nickel frame picks up the mid-century vibe and adds sparkle!”

“I framed this piece for preservation & display.

Chelsea Frames offers fabulous options & wonderful guidance from the staff to reset both my preservation’s aesthetic requirements. This is conservation quality work in Chelsea.”

Artist –  Melissa Meyer

“This was the first piece of art I ever purchased. I was devastated when my cross country movers shattered the shadowbox it was in, grateful the ceramic painting somehow didn’t also shatter. In love with its new “home”, ie. framing!”

Chelsea Frames is the absolute best in NYC.”

“I had these pieces framed because I love these color charts!

Very patient staff at Chelsea Frames, great council, beautiful job.”

“I was unsure whether to keep or restore the original frame but it was beyond its time and actually was damaging the art.

The new frame came out beautifully.

I hope the artist, if he was still alive, would be happy with the result. I think she would!

I love Chelsea Frames, Indigo is so thoughtful that every piece that she worked on came out stunning.”

“It’s a museum piece and I wanted to protect it and call attention to it at the same time.

This frame does both – the acrylic box is clear and perfect and the contrast between that and the intricate sculpture makes it look really special.

Everything they do at Chelsea Frames is thoughtfully selected and perfectly executed.”

“I had this photo framed because I love my dogs.

Chelsea Frames does amazing work, great customer service.”

Becky Charvat Weidenkopf

“We bought this painting on vacation in one of our favorite countries, Argentina. The piece is now a great memory of our trip. We love the painting and now the beautiful frame.”

Artist – Adolfo Nigro 

“I have a sentimental feeling for this artist. The staff at Chelsea Frames have wonderful creativity and attention to detail. They are experts picking designs that complement my artwork perfectly.”

“I framed my diploma because I got my doctorate – at 46 years old!”

“I have formerly photographed my kids every year for their whole life. This is the 2018 photo, used as holiday card.

They do a good job at Chelsea Frames, lots of help, good customer service.”

Becky Charvat Weidenkopf

“A friend gifted me this Braque lithograph that I had always admired.

The old frame was worn and the border around it has suffered some discoloration. It was reframed magnificently with a new mat and looks 100% better.

I appreciate the personalized service, eye for the art and speedy work at Chelsea Frames.”

Artist – Georges Braque

Title – “Varengeville”, 1955

“I inherited this piece from my grandparents.

It was framed in their small town of Helena, AR in 1989 when they purchased it and the original frame was damaged in my last move.

This was a bespoke and lovely framing experience at Chelsea frames.”

Artist – Yaacov Agam

‘I thought the art would look better in a different frame than it was in.
One that would help the painting stand out.
Excellent framing services at Chelsea Frames, excellent staff!”

Artist – David Vickery
Title – Passage

“This was my mothers  Hermes scarf.

At Chelsea Frames they simply do the best work”

“We framed this pice because it deserved a really good frame and this really is the place! The artist passed away recently and we really love this piece.

We trust nobody else than Chelsea Frames with our art. They are the best! And nice.”

Artist – Ionel Talzapan

“I encountered this face veil in Jordan and thought it was just beautiful. I wanted to display it but also protect it because it’s an antique piece of fabric and is fragile.

I’ve been using Chelsea Frames for all my framing for over thirty years. I started using them when I lived around the corner. I now live in the east 90’s and still make the trip for any important pieces because their work is always beautiful, always perfect.”

“This photo of my father will hang in our hall alongside a similar portrait of his father and grandfather.

Chelsea Frames does a fantastic job. They have great suggestions and an amazing sense of style and creativity.”

“I had this framed to be a gift to my niece to remember her friend who was killed in a bicycle accident recently. That’s why I chose a small postcard size – so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming. Thank you for the beautiful job you did on it.

Chelsea Frames offers excellent service.

Their staff is artistic and compassionate.”

“I framed this item because I have family heritage in France and an interest in cartography.

Chelsea Frames is worth it! Their frames enhanced the pieces.”

“I purchased this piece on a trip overseas as a memento.
Chelsea Frames is terrific at taking simple artwork or, in this instance, a simple poster and accenting it with polished and creative touches. The end product looks dramatically better than the poster by itself.”

“I wanted to commemorate such a special, gorgeous day and the most incredible couple by giving them a piece of their wedding they could keep forever!
Chelsea Frames is such an incredible business. They take the time to make all their pieces perfect and unique. Thank You!”

“This piece has a special meaning to me and Chelsea Frames made sure it looked more than special, they made it look amazing!”

“Stunning design! I love how the curves of the frame design create depth within the piece, like the curls and movement of the actresses.”

“I framed this for a dear friends wedding gift.

This turned out wonderful.”

“This piece was a Flea market find which I fell in love with.

What a great framing design. The curved corner frame compliments the shapes and movements of the piece

Great service and selection at Chelsea Frames”

“These are prints of America’s Cup races created in 1934. I love the ocean and sailing so art about the water always gives me joy.

Chelsea Frames has the most beautiful selection of frames. They are not inexpensive for framing but so worth the cost!”

Artist: Jacques La Grange

From La Grange’s series ‘Drama and Color in the America’s Cup Races.

“The frame looks amazing with the artwork! The gold trim really makes the art pop!”

Artist: Louis Fratino

“Love old print media, Auntie Mame and the legendary Broadway musical version with Angela Lansbury. Also, the vibrant scene, colors and costumes.

I’ve brought all my pieces worth framing to Daniel and his team since the late 90’s. The investment is worth the quality, selection and aesthetic advice.”

“I’ve always loved 90’s hip hop and something about these two prints really reminded me of growing up. Arturo has a really awesome style. I wanted to show them off and preserve a little bit of my adolescence at the same time.

If you love your art, it deserves a great frame. You wont get better than Chelsea Frames. The people are creative and knowledgeable and the end result is second to none.”

Artist: Arturo Torres

“We framed this item to add to our gallery wall of original natural history prints in our bedroom”

Artist: John James Audubon

“My agency 11 Ounces works with apparel company Paper Planes. The co-founder Emory Jones was a great friends to the late-great Hip-Hop icon Nipsey Hussle. We did a collaborative capsule with Nipsey in March, two weeks before his untimely death. This photo was captured by our freelance photographer David Sierra at the last activation at Nipsy’s store in Crenshaw called The Marathon Store. This is a surprise gift to Emory to honor Nipsey’s legacy.

Chelsea Frames took incredible care and attention to this expedited project, as they were able to turn it around in 24 hours. Thank you for the excellent job of framing these pieces to last forever!”

Photographer: David Sierra

“The black reveal and silk mat help showcase the subtle textures of this leather glove.”

Precious objects and memories preserved for generations to come.

“I love the choice of frame for this tiger piece, very sleek yet earthy. Beautiful!

This was a repeat from other…It’s fun working with Daniel. I like to watch him sweat + laugh.”

Artist name: Andrew Li

“I found this piece at the Salvation Army and had it framed because it’s fabulous and magical.

At Chelsea Frames they are dedicated to make everything look perfect.

I’ve been with them for 20 years for all my framing needs…personal and professionally.

“I frame everything I love and collect.

Bought this piece at  the Outsiders Art Fair.

Always 100% customer satisfaction at Chelsea Frames.”

artist – Selene Perez

“I framed this print so I can hang it properly.

I have used Chelsea Frames for five years to frame a number of high quality Japanese prints. I find their team to be friendly, competent and timely while offering a wide variety of framing options.”

“These photos really captured changing times in Burkina Faso, and I wanted the framing to be as clean as possible.

Chelsea Frames always delivers.”

“This program contains many of the theater icons of the 1920’s including Josephine Baker and Lila Nikolska. The program is pristine – one of a kind in this condition.

Extremely professional  and talented staff at Chelsea Frames.

Extensive inventory of frames and framing materials. Sure to please!”

“Well-balanced display, love the preservation mount of the cd.

At Chelsea Frames we can take multiple objects and photos and create a timeless memory.”

“This Maud Lewis-inspired painting was made especially for our client by a family member. Because the painting is quite clean and simple with a muted, colorful palette, we felt that this hand-painted frame was the perfect complement. The shape of the frame is clean and modern, while the hand-painted finish makes it feel hand-crafted. We added a thin gold fillet as an understated pop of color and light.”

“Given the age and sentimental value of the picture I wanted to find a way to showcase the picture in an elegant way.

Working with Chelsea Frames was such a pleasure. Professional, seamless experience. I would definitely recommend!”

“The round mat opening on the photograph really helps accentuate the perspective of the image. The natural wood frame is a nice accent of the overal imagery of the photo.”

Artist: Roberto Lombana 

“Picked this up at the Affordable Art Fair.

We love how Chelsea Frames always helps us showcase these pieces the best way possible.”

Artist: Yelena Lezhen

“When our client discovered this conté drawing by François Boucher quietly being overlooked at an antiques shop, he snapped it up on the spot and brought it into our studio shortly after. The frame was in poor condition and the matting had yellowed but when we disassembled the frame what we found underneath was a pleasant surprise. Not only did the old mat hide the artist’s gesture studies in the margins, there were also drawings on the reverse. A classical Louis XVI frame now houses the work between two pieces of anti-reflective acrylic, allowing every inch of the art to be seen. This design treats the work as an object, allowing us to honor the history of the piece and tell the complete story of its journey.”

“I had these framed to honor my grandchildren’s birth months.

They were so helpful at Chelsea Frames in making sure that our pieces were beautifully framed!”

“I had this piece framed in honor of our wonderful black and white cat and our lovely gray and white cat.

They were so helpful at Chelsea Frames in making sure that our pieces were beautifully framed!”

“These are meaningful jerseys to me that I have framed and will hang up for the rest of my life.”

Great service at Chelsea Frames, a ton of framing and design options.”

“I bought this print at the Whitney’s Warhol exhibit and wanted to give the queen a “proper’ framing.

Great ideas at Chelsea frames!

Gave them a vision and they made it happen.”

“I love the work of the artist and wanted to be sure the work was framed in a way worthy and in keeping with the subject and technique.

Chelsea Frames truly has the finest framers in Manhattan. They are always exactly on target with the right frame.”

Artist: Paul Richard

“This piece is a beautiful memory of a once in a lifetime trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore. The scene transports me back to the streets of Hanoi, humming with life and lovely chaos.

Kara is an absolute expert in choosing frame and mat combinations whenever I visit Chelsea Frames. Thank you so much, Kara!”

“This turned out really beautiful, stunning design!

The natural mat is a perfect match to extend the piece and the frame finishes it beautifully with a slight rustic look.”

“What a fun design, the distressed features of the frame add perfectly to the piece.

It has an elegance about it with hints of matching red/orange.”

I wanted this piece to be fun.

Thank you Chelsea Frames!”

“Best framers in the city. I literally have 50+ pieces from them on my wall!”

Artist: Andrew J. Millar

“I knew I wanted to preserve this very important album cover and show both sides.

Chelsea Frames came up with a great solution.

Some very important memories are preserved for me”

“We framed this as a family heirloom, much treasured by my husband, for his birthday.

Chelsea frames is a great frame store. Attentive and Professional. Thanks for the great experience!”

“Clever artwork with such a sophisticated frame.

The overall presentation is stunning!

As a collector Chelsea Frames is my go to.”

“Beautiful work!

The dark float space around the art works very well with it.

As an interior designer it’s great to know that Chelsea Frames helps me with all of my clients needs regarding custom framing.”

“My friends would tell you that I am extremely picky in what I choose to hang on my walls. My walls have been barren white for years. My artsy friend introduced me to this artist, Ynez Johnston and I just fell in love with her art. This literally will be my first piece of art in my apartment that I intend on hanging over my sofa.

My same artsy friend, David Kornacki recommended Chelsea Frames because he had an excellent experience working with them and I was feeling intimidated on how I should frame my first piece of art.”

“This is a special photo of me and my daughter, I wanted a nice frame.

Wonderful people at Chelsea Frames. Professional, special in what they do and how they respond to the projects brought in by their clients.”

“This is a sentimental piece that I wish to have and preserve.

The Chelsea Frames team is creative, has terrific attention to detail, and always delivers top notch work. Excellent staff.”

“This gorgeous giclee by Magnus Gjoen is dark and minimalist. Since color and pattern are used sparingly in the piece, a thin gold fillet was selected to let in a little bit of light and color against the black maple frame and charcoal mat. The framing matches the dark and dramatic feeling of the piece while still allowing the skull to shine as the focal point.”

Artist: @magnusgjoen

‘We framed this hand colored antique map for clients who are collectors. The map is the first ever to depict Manhattan as an island and the first to depict beavers. Because of the map’s orientation, it is a little difficult to read. However if you look closely you’ll see that the map charts the east coast from Virginia to Quebec. We are always excited to be able to design timeless frames for historical pieces. A handcrafted gold leaf frame was selected, along with an archival rag mat with gold hand-painted bevel and French line.

“These cherubs were a gift from my grandmother that my brother and I used to have at our bedsides as toddlers when when were growing up. My mother used to tell us that they would take care of us in our sleep. 30+ years later, my mother passed them down to me so that my own baby boys will be looked over as they sleep.

As pre-colonial pieces from Spain, I could not have taken these pieces to be framed at any place that was not known for its absolute quality and craftsmanship. Chelsea Frames is just that!”

“We framed this to keep the art in great condition so we can display it nicely in our home!

They were great at Chelsea Frames! My piece was ready a little early and looked better than I could’ve imagined!”

Artist: @nickealker_art

“I think this frame is stunning on this piece!

It’s a perfect compliment to the art. The simple delicate silver line plays well with the blue”

Artist: Hannah Sarfraz

“I love the frame choice, the dark grey of the wood really appreciates the trees in the forrest and the deep tones of the painting”

“It was a holiday gift from my sister who lived in Okinawa – Japan for a few years.
My husband and I got to visit her there and had such an amazing experience that she wanted to have us something to remember it by always. The print is a traditional Okinawan print and reflects the rich culture and vibrance of the island.
If you care about a piece and want to treasure it forever, put it in the hands of professionals like those at Chelsea Frames.”

“We framed this item based on Andy’s, the artists, recommendations when we visited his studio in Encinitas, CA. over Thanksgiving and made the purchase.”

Artist: @andydavisdesigns

“I have a sentimental association to the film/poster.

At Chelsea Frames they are wonderful in taking simple images and transforming them into interesting and highly decorative and visual pieces.”

“These are stunning photographs which need to be displayed. The white frames make the images more powerful.

Chelsea frames deserves”Three Michelin Stars” of the framing business. Consistent quality. Top Notch. Never deviates from delivering the best.”

Artist: Alejandro Cartagena

“This painting was a gift to David and had been commissioned by a family friend. Owning a painting of oneself can feel a bit awkward. The way that Daniel framed the painting is fun and engaging. We will totally enjoy having this in our home.

Chelsea Frames always has creative and elegant ways of framing art so that the art work remains the focus.”

Artist: Matt Burcaw

“I studied at Hiroshima University as a Fulbright Scholar from 2005-2006. When I returned to the states, I was given these airplanes by a group of “Hibakusha”, or atomic bomb survivors. They represent bombers, but instead of carrying bombs, they carry peace cranes back to the U.S. They are one of my prized possessions and I finally decided they deserved some nice frames.”

“It is an old-school remote from the Ritz Paris that I acquired this year. The ability to summon a sommelier at the push of a button especially excited me, as I am a wine author and speaker.

You guys at Chelsea Frames have eagle eyes!”

-Mark Oldman

“I framed this item because this cute little bear needed a comfy golden home!

Chelsea Frames offers impeccable service, friendly advice, and it is where I trust to take my art!”


Artist: Jill Greenberg

“The design is sleek and the artwork is eye-catching! It all came together for a beautiful presentation.”

Artist: Tom Wesselman

“I fell in love with Angela Deane’s work when I saw these pieces. Often funny, always affecting.

I had a very specific aesthetic in mind when it came to framing, but Chelsea Frames really helped me translate that nebulous vision into a complete piece. I’ve been consistently thrilled with their work.”

-Lea M

“Chelsea Frames is the best!”

Artist: Crazy world of Arthur Brown

“I acquired this piece almost 20 years ago when I was living in Palm Beach and always loved it. I have a fondness for animals and I think the sweet innocence that this illustration captures is so endearing. I had it framed there and really loved the suede mat but never thought the frame was ideal and have looked for years for the perfect setting. After discovering the many quality options and expert advice at Chelsea Frames I knew I would find the perfect frame!

I have acquired several pieces of art through my travels over the years and wish I had discovered Chelsea Frames much sooner! Their expertise, quality and options are exceptional and I always leave knowing I have gotten the best and most appropriate framing for any piece I have brought to them. The genuine interest that the staff have shown me in making sure I was happy and that each piece of art was framed in the way that best highlights it is so satisfying.”

-Terry H

“I framed these plates to complete a grouping in my living room.

Chelsea Frames offers impeccable service and aesthetic advice.”

Artist: Gilbert & George

“This work by Alexandra German deserves to be seen in sequence on a wall.

The personnel at Chelsea Frames provide expertise and guidance on how best to highlight a work with their seemingly limitless options. A second opinion is valued!”

 – Linda C

Artist: Alexandra German

“This piece was a birthday gift- selected by my partner after much research- my love for birds and art, graffiti and street art all came together in this beautiful piece.

It was lovely working with Chelsea Frames- Daniel helped us pick perfect frames that highlight the work and protect the integrity of the piece. Thank you!”

Artist: @xenzogram

“Monkeys are a favorite subject that I collect (in addition to tigers).

I’ve been using Chelsea Frames for the past 30 years, since they were located on 8th ave, excellent work.”

“On a trip to the Marché aux Puces in Paris, I bought this page from a catologue of Sevres plates. I want to hang it in my kitchen over my son’s painting of a sink full of dirty dishes. Indigo at Chelsea Frames expertly helped me find the perfect mat and frame.”

“The very best framers, especially for archival quality work.”

Artists: Ted Hughes and Leonard Baskin

“These Mickey and Minnie illustrations are whimsical yet mature, so we chose a refined gallery style frame with clean lines for this pair. The silver tipping is just enough to pick up on the glittered gloves which are such a fun element and focal point for these pieces.”

Facebook- Clecio Lira Photography

“This print was purchased as a gift. I wanted an elegant frame to complete the gift and it be expertly done.

I’ve had many items framed at Chelsea Frames over the years and each one has turned out beautifully and distinctly in relation to each particular art work.”

“We thought the roman baths of Caracalla were thematically fitting for a new bathroom with dramatic marble.

I have been framing with Chelsea Frames exclusively for 29 years. I rely on their teams extraordinary design eye and advice.”

Artist: Hieschler

“We buy art faster than we can afford to frame all of it. This print from an Exit Art portfolio finally made it to the top of the list.

The edition has a lot of hand worked detail that the artist added to each print. Chelsea Frames came up with an innovative solution to lift the print highlighting the cuts through the paper.”

Artist Info:

William Villalongo 

Funky Space Reincarnation, 2006

30 x 22 inches

pigment print with dye cut velour flocking and hand painting on Somerset Enhanced Satin paper.

Printed and editioned by Pace Editions, New York.  Edition of 50.

Part of Exit Art’s Trance/Borders 2006 Print Portfolio.

“The textures of the mat and and frame compliment the many textures of the piece. The small pop of red help your eye throughout the cool color of the piece.”

“Clean simple frame houses and contrasts beautifully with this exquisite Jackson Pollock piece”

“This was a 40th birthday gift for my boyfriend – a portrait of our best friend Oliver.

Indigo at Chelsea Frames is the best!”

Portrait by: Daniel Stas, STAS Gallery

“The frame design really draws the eye to showcase the unique geometry in the work. It makes such a difference. Thank You!”

“We wanted a professionally framed piece for our organization to debut at our fundraiser and this was the perfect piece.

This went BEYOND expectations! The print was fun and we knew it would be beautiful, framed, but the end result from Chelsea Frames was just incredible!”

Facebook: nycgmc


“I love the piece so much. 

Chelsea Frames is the best framing shop I have ever gone to. Wonderful and helpful sales associates and the best selection of frames.”


“We framed this piece to celebrate our engagement!

Chelsea Frames provides amazing work and service – their vision is unmatched!”

“I framed this piece to preserve and showcase it.

At Chelsea Frames I was given thoughtful suggestions and guidance.”

Artist: Gunnar Norrman

“This was a gift from my husband and I felt he captured how I feel in my heart.

Chelsea Frames understood my vibe and came up with a custom solution that made my art pop!”

Artist name: Longo

“I love both gouache paintings- love the colors and the style.

Chelsea Frames always does beautiful work – their designers always have good suggestions to enhance the artwork with the best frame.”

“This black and white photo was a gift and I wanted to frame it nicely.

It looks great now! Thanks!”

“My nephew really enjoyed the Harry Potter movies and so did I. We love the graphic design from the films. It was great to find a piece he identified with and will fit in his life from now and into adulthood.

Chelsea Frames’ work is great!”

“This piece has hand sewn fabric on paper. When I purchased it, I had a vision of how the finished piece would look on my wall, but I was unsure how to execute it. Daniel took the time to talk to me about my vision and when he suggested this framing, I knew it was perfect ! Thank you.”

“We purchased this piece directly from the artist, unframed, and decided that a customized frame would really set off the work.

Excellent product knowledge and design sense! Thank you, Daniel.”

Artist: Georganna Lenssen

“I framed this as a gift for Caren’s sister’s 65th birthday. She fell in love with the paintings five months ago and I was able to buy the paintings without her knowledge.

We have brought a number of works to get framed. This was particularly exciting because I wasn’t sure about the best way to frame these works. Daniel had a vision for the best approach and I knew in my gut it would be great—and it is. The paintings look fantastic in this specially designed frame.”

“I saw the print in a museum in Madrid and kept coming back to it. I purchased a copy and my first stop was Chelsea Frames when I got back to New York.

Chelsea Frames provides top quality framing and creative ideas for bringing out the best in photos, prints, and original art.”

“I had this peace framed to fill a blank space on a wall. Also because it is a photograph I took at the Orsay Museum and wanted to have a frame that echoes the ceiling and the curls in the sculpture’s hair.

Chelsea Frames is the best frame shop in New York City!”

The client, the artist, wanted to create a monochromatic look. The matte white gold with umber directly complements the delicate values of the piece.

Artist: David R Sloss

“Tour de France 1914”

Artist: Gamy

Ernest Montaut created some of the first journalistic-illustrative images of aviation’s infancy and invented “speed lines” to emphasize the new art of dynamic motion. After his death in 1909,  his wife Marguerite followed upon his artistic productions using the name “Gamy.” Here, she expands into auto illustration with two careening Buicks in the auto Tour de France, which kicked off on March 1, 1914 with 37 participants.

“I framed this piece to showcase the film’s production company and my love for dogs. Plus, loved the movie! Isle of Dogs.

I’m a long time client of Chelsea Frames. Love the service and attention to detail. Always super happy with the selection and results. They’re all pieces of art.”

-Anne Marie Francis

“I framed this as a gift for my newborn nephew. It is his first piece of art and is made by a dear friend of mine to celebrate her own family, heritage, and identity.

Everyone at Chelsea Frames was incredibly helpful and eager to bring our vision to life.”

“The design perfectly compliments the history of the piece, from the small gold beading to the repetition of the flowers found in the frame and skirt.”

After seeing it on the Design Challenge, I had to have one ( I’m a roller coaster fanatic ) !

Though it was hard to choose, I went with the “Boardwalk” frame because it reminded me of my youth.

They are a fun bunch at Chelsea Frames and the consummate professionals!

I love coming here.